For years, Campofrío has been raising Spanish people’s spirits with its Christmas campaign.
But in the run up to Christmas 2014, something no-one expected happened.
A spectacular fire has burned Campofrío’s Burgos factory to the ground
Our Burgos factory went up in smoke. And, with it, the lives of hundreds of workers.
A real drama for Burgos because the livelihoods of over 1,000 families depended on that plant.
1500 employees of this Campofrío plant are now up against an uncertain future.

But we decided not to keep silent and to tell our workers what they most needed to hear.
We sent them a letter. And something else. 894 bricks
The number of workers who were in the factory the day it burned down.
Gold Cannes Lions PR (Ashes). Silver Cannes Lions Direct (Ashes). Campofrio.

hecho entre todos

HECHO ENTRE TODOS (Nueva Fábrica Campofrío La Bureba 2017):

La mayor fábrica de Campofrío fue arrasada por el fuego en 2014
y con ella la esperanza de 894 trabajadores. En 2016 inauguramos
la nueva fábrica y teníamos que demostrar a
nuestros trabajadores que esta iba a ser indestructible.

Con la ayuda del departamento de materiales de la UAM,
Recubrimos los pilares estructurales de nuestra nueva fábrica con una aleación de
metales más resistente que un único metal.

Y para hacer visible lo que los muros tapan, creamos con esa aleación una
escultura, un legado que permanecerá para SIEMPRE en la entrada de la nueva
fábrica y nuestros trabajadores podrán ver cada día.

Porque la aleación de los sentimientos de un país, es un material indestructible.
Y esto lo hicimos utilizando objetos de distintos metales pertenecientes
a las personas que nos habían apoyado este tiempo.

Iniciando el pedido más particular hecho y la gente, los periodistas, los bomberos,
los ayuntamientos nos enviaron cientos de objetos.

HECHO ENTRE TODOS (New Factory La Bureba Campofrío 2017)(English):

The Campofrío Factory burns down in 2014 Campofrio´s largest
Factory was razed to the ground by fire, along with the hopes of
Our 894 workers. In 2016 we inaugurated the new Factory and we
had to prove to our workers that this one
would be indestructible. What did we do for our people and our
workplace? We covered the structural pillars of our new Factory.
With an alloy of metals, tougher than a single metal.
Antonio Rojas/ Materials research department/ Autonomous University of Madrid
“When we mix different metals together, we obtain an alloy whose properties,
such as resistance and hardness can be much greater than pure metal”.

And in order to make visible what the walls conceal, we created a sculpture
a reminder that this factory is indestructible,
that our workers will see every day. Because the alloy made from a country´s
feelings is the strongest material.


We user objects of different metals belonging to
The people who had supported us all this time: Firemen, businesses, journalist, city
halls, people. We began the strangest request ever made. People sent in hundreds
of objects.